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FAQ. Lesley Reflexology 2

How long will a treatment take?

Treatments generally take an hour. Your first treatment which will begin with a detailed consultation to establish any particular concerns or symptoms you may have. Treatments are carried out on a reclining chair and you will need to remove your shoes and socks if you are having reflexology on your feet. You will be covered with a blanket as you may find your body temperature lowers whilst you are relaxing.

30 minute treatments can be booked to treat specific conditions or as a taster treatment if you are new to reflexology.

Will the treatment be painful?

Reflexology should not be painful however where there is congestion on the feet you may feel some discomfort as this congestion is worked out.

By focusing on specific reflex points healing will be stimulated leaving you feeling deeply relaxed and replenished.

I have a private health cash plan can I use this for my reflexology treatments?

Yes reflexology sessions are covered by several health cash plan providers: Westfield Health, Health Shield and Simplyhealth.

However, please check with your provider that reflexology is included on your plan before booking an appointment.

How soon will I notice an improvement in my symptoms?

Most people find they feel calm & relaxed after a reflexology treatment and that their sleeping improves. Other clients report they have felt an increase in energy levels that has lasted several days after treatment.

For general health issues you should allow at least 4 reflexology sessions to see whether your condition improves. Some conditions may require a more intensive course of treatments and this will be discussed at your initial consultation. As a general rule the longer you have had a health complaint, the longer it may take for your body to heal itself.

Reflexology is a holistic therapy which rebalances your mind, body & soul. You may find that by taking an hour for yourself regularly improves your health and you may find that you start to take positive steps towards improving your own health & vitality by making small changes to your diet & lifestyle.

"I had a 10 week course of reflexology with Lesley to help me cope with stress and anxiety caused by being seriously injured in a car crash a few months previously. Not only were the sessions extremely relaxing but they were also physically therapeutic, with Lesley helping to release various areas of stiffness within my body simply by manipulating my feet" Abbi A, Ilfracombe

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