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Structural Reflexology

Feet are so important to good health, if you wear shoes which are too tight or injure your foot it can affect how you place your feet when walking and ultimately have an effect on your health and well-being. I have trained with Geraldine Villeneuve (author of Put Your Best Feet Forward) to learn more about Structural Reflexology.

I now offer Structural Reflexology sessions which combine reflexology with massage to the feet and lower legs along with a gentle mobilisation of the feet. It aims to release tension in the feet as a result of muscle and ligament strain and it allows the bones of the feet to settle back into their position with improved functionality.

This is a 90 minute treatment which begins with an ink press image of your foot to assess your gait. Massage and reflexology techniques are used to relieve tension in the foot and legs ending with a gentle mobilisation of the bones in your feet to allow them to ease back into their correct position.

This treatment is great for people with foot pain perhaps due to injury or ill fitting shoes. Please call me for a free telephone consultation if you want to discuss how structural reflexology can help you.

Structural Reflexology . Foot Mobilization

What I love about this treatment is that it combines my knowledge of Reflexology points and Zones with an increased understanding of the anatomy and function of the foot and how this can impact the rest of the body and ultimately a person's health.
Congestion on the reflex points on the feet can be caused by localised tension of the muscles of the feet or lower legs which have occurred either due to injury or ill fitting shoes.

Structural Reflexology . PYBFF Book

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